Category: Word

Word Macros

Auto Acronyms

Parses a Word document and produces a list of the all the acronyms in the text. It also tries to include the acronym defintion from 4000 listed acronyms.

USB Stick Log

Log the people who use your shared memory stick. With an autorun file that loads an excel spreadsheet when the USB stick is pluged in. The VBA then adds the users login details, time and the size of the files on the memory

Shortcut Generator

Generates a shortcuts to all files (e.g. jpg) found when searching a folder / subfolders.

M3U Creator

Creates a M3U media play list file from a directory of songs.

File Name Formatter

VBA within Word that formats all files within the current folder / subfolders matching a regular expression search to a file name specified. e.g. [2007-01-01]* becomes 2007-01-01* e.g. (2007-01-01)* becomes 2007-01-01* e.g. [20070101]* becomes 2007-01-01* e.g. (20070101)* becomes 2007-01-01* e.g.

Auto Index

Generates an index listing all the files within a folder and its subfolders. Includes hyperlink to the document and counts the number of pages (Word only). Useful if you documentation processes demand an index sheet at the front of a