My Baby Schedule

This site helps you to gradually transfer your baby to a healthy schedule of nap/feed times making them happier. You provide details of your baby’s current pattern and we will send you email reminders for naps and feeds to move them over a 7 day period to tailored schedule appropriate to your baby’s age and preferences.

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Features include:

  • Record your baby’s current pattern of sleep’s and feed’s using your smart phone
  • Compare your baby’s growth to the national average (height and weight)
  • Generate a schedule with email reminders each day
  • Download the schedule to your phone or tablet (using vCalendar)
  • Print graphs of your baby’s progress

I am a 30 something father of a 2 year old boy and started this site in a sleep deprived haze in 2010. My wife and I now have a little girl born in May 2013 and I hope will be using this site to keep a record of her first year.