Category: Harnware

Tools for TE HarnWare

HarnWare Harness Metrics

Excel macro to generate metrics for multiple HarnWare harness drawings. Table output has the following columns: File Path, Mass (kg), Reliability (fpmh), Labour (hrs)

HarnWare Template

Macro enabled Visio template file for HarnWare harness designs. Press: Ctrl+Q to run the macro which will: populate the reliability table transfer total mass to the harness drawing strike through old “S” and “T” RoHS codes add Standard Operating Procedures

Export HarnWare to Windchill

Excel macro to export your HarnWare Bill of Materials (BoM) to PTC Windchill for multiple harness designs. Press: Ctrl+I to run the macro which will open Visio. Browse to the drawing(s) that you wish to import the BOM for. Highlight