Enterprise Resource Planning for the Small Business –┬áManage your customers from quotation through to delivery. Standard report formats available with modules including:

  • Customers – Contact details
  • Quotation – Part number generation and job costing BOM and Routings Make/buy parts tree linked to performed operations.
  • Orders – Convert quotes to orders. Add repeat orders. Update line items. Cancel orders.
  • Planning – Scheduled manufacture and purchase of parts to meet delivery date.
  • Shop Floor Data Capture – Tracking progress of jobs through the work centres. Allows for reported progress against target for each part.
  • Reports – Parts Progress, EVA Tracker, Arrears, Schedule, Order Intake and Order Book Delivery Pick lists, labels and record consignment numbers .
  • Inventory –┬áBarcoding for stock takes. Tooling calibration records.
  • Integration – Order transfer from Pegasus Opera.